Ok I think its ok to delete the pages just about Sly (This dose not inclued Sly's page, Series with Sly and Creature/Ex-Creatures, Hub Series/anything to do with the hub, or anything that has something to do with other Creatures in some way). I think most of the pages on here that have things only to do with Sly are already on the Sly Wiki. I think the wiki is kinda inderpendent now as it has a few admins and good users that have probally never edited on the Creature Wiki, we also have a few people from this wiki who have helped out/helping out which I thank very much. If you aren't an admin on that wiki yet (and are intreded to help out) then contact me. Those who are admins on here pritty much get a adminship on the Slyfox wiki due to its conection. 

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