I have always been fond of the Treehouse series, I wasn't a Minecrafter when it started or much of a Creature fan I wasn't even watching it when it was first relesed. I watched all of Nova's Minecraft videos (well the ones that are in a playlist). Nothing can compare to thouse Orignal Treehouse days (Maybe of couse Minecraft Adventures with Nova and Sp00n but that was around the sametime anyway). 

I have made a playlist of all Treehouse videos uploaded by Nova (later i might add the Treetopia episodes with Nova in). I will also be doing the same for the rest of the Creatures.

The Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAu7bWlN0cmWqlN3uegkZ7Wcc4oBkSPEb&feature=mh_lolz

Note: although it's all the Treehouse episodes they didn't always record, sometimes they would just play for fun. Also I'm missing the machinimare they did, don't know if they removed it, priveted it or it is just hard to find.

Quick update for the channel it's self, I'll be giveing all the admins of the wiki manigement of the channel, if you would give me your Google+, Youtube or Gmail username i'll give you the control.

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