Hi, people who've come on here might wonder why an admin has returned after this long time. 

Simple answer: To clean things up.

I'll be honest, I don't really care about the wiki, I don't think anyone really does anymore. But what I do care about is possibly damaging information that was left behind, possibly too personal to the various individuals  that where part of the Creatures (whether true or not).

Also we historically messed up when it came to our original big clean up and archive of the pages to prevent post-creature vandalism. My opinion is that there is no need to add anymore to this wiki, and I think it would be better off dead even if the group gets back together in any form. 

Pages will be fixed, simplified and locked or if irreverent or too personal they will be deleted. Once that is done I can relax and enjoy the Reunion and possibly older consent with closure.

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