So if you read the answers post, you probably heard that I kind of maa bad reputation on this si I would like to aplogize about this, now I made this wiki just to own the URL now then I actually did stuff, then the Creatures commented on it, then admins started workng for ow I never thought it be that popular at the time, and having no prior experience running a staff/wiki i did what I tthought was.okay but.was really unlogical and stupid. I also bit the bullet with the creatures I didn't really know how to talk/approach them, I fanboyed a lot, so that was like the major bad thing I did. But I had a.great time meeting and having fun with the great admins that run this wiki, active or not, I will admit I did have some beef with Harry but I think were good, I don't edit because I lost the urge for it and got lazy to go on skype, I also had school. I was considering coming back this summer but I recently.signed up for a summer job that will take my whole summer, but soon I shall come back and hopefully with open arms and not a bad rep. The beginning to this wiki.was steeping low but we.are.climbing back up, with best, 70s

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