First and foremost I apologize for not being as attentive to the up-keeping of the wiki as I had been so previously. Life has taken a different, busier turn and I had to make 'sacrifices' of the things that have been unproductively consuming my time. Having both a job and college can be quite demanding at times, not accounting other aspects of life. I know the wiki isn't in good shape, people that were good contributors and hardworking have left and I am in the dark as to where the other admins and founder are. I wish I could appoint administrative privileges to those who could further maintain the wiki, but such powers are out of my hands. I will be trying to visit from time to time in order to prevent and revert griefing and vandalism, but I can not guarantee that will be prevalent. The best way to help in that is to leave a message on the griefers wall so I can locate them and place a ban on them. To those who have stuck with the wiki and are continuing to maintain and update it I thank you, it can be a really thankless task.

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