Jamie "Utorak007" Cartwright is a friend of the Creatures. He has appeared on Creature Talk and some of Ze's and Immortal's videos.


Utorak is a friend of the Creatures, especially Ze and Immortal, although he is friends with and has played with many of the other Creatures. He lives in England. He appeared on an early episode of Creature Talk. Utorak has also played Mission Craft with Chilled and Immortal and Kevin, Minecraft E.R.T.S and Toribash with Ze, Diction, and Gassy DayZ with Diction, Gassy and Seamus, and Goldeneye Source with Gassy, Chilled, and Diction. He has also stated that he is a fan of Nova and the Creatures. He was in a Minecraft adventure map with Nova and Immortal.


  • Ze jokingly states that Utorak is a dog-bird.
  • Utorak does many dual commentaries with Chilled and ImmortalHD.
  • Lyle called Utorak "Uterus" as a nickname when they played Monopoly on one of Chilled's livestreams.
    • He is sometimes condescendingly referred to as "Uterus" by the other Creatures.
  • He was once on Creature Talk as a guest when James asked him whether he should get the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS
  • Out of all of the Creatures he only features Immortal on his Featured Channels list.


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