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Viking Adventures is a Minecraft series started by Kootra.


Due to the lack of a single-player Minecraft series on his channel, Kootra decided to start his own series as a Viking.

The series started off with Kootra exploring a bit of the land before settling and making a small hut which he dubbed his "Humble House." While building his house Kootra revealed his intentions in making a village and being Jarl of the village. Kootra made a small pen originally made for capturing cows by pushing them into the pen but various animals entered the pen such as a pig and a donkey which later escaped unseen.

After capturing the cows Kootra crafted a Battle-Axe which quickly became his primary weapon, he then went off to a nearby mountain to get a view of the land which he can see a snow biome not too far and he called it "Joutenheim" Kootra then tamed two bunnies which he named Hugin and Mugin, they later mated and became the parents and grandparents of many baby bunnies.

Kootra eventually created a second floor to his humble home, and also added the NorseCraft texture pack to the series. Afterwards, he began exploring before finding a massive cave system which he found a couple of diamonds and a lot of iron. When he got home he found a scorpion attacking his animals and killed it. The scorpion spawned 2 baby scorpions which Kootra tamed and named Meow and Cat.


  1. Good to be Back
  2. Capturing Cows
  3. Battle Axe
  4. Mugin the Bunny
  5. Floating thing
  6. Stupid Jungle Spiders
  7. Replanting Trees
  8. Humble Home Expansion
  9. More Bunnies!
  10. Mountains!
  11. So Much IRON!
  12. Cavern thing
  13. Meow the Scorpion
  14. Ymir the Bunny
  15. Wyverns
  16. MORE IRON?
  17. Danger Stuff
  18. A New Pen
  19. MY BED
  20. Back In The Saddle
  21. Sugar Cane
  23. A New Adventure!
  24. WOW


  • Kootra has developed a knack for killing many animals during the series

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