Vivek "Vivek13" Rajput is an avid Creature fan and acquaintance of The Creatures. He is mostly known for playing with Seamus starting back in late 2010 and early 2011. He has made numerous appearances in the Creature's group and individual livestreams. Vivek has been a mod in multiple livestreams, such as Nova's, Seamus' and Sp00n's. He mostly joins Seamus whenever he joins public servers. He also often gets top comments, mostly on Seamus' videos. This fact was referenced by Nova during a group stream while they discussed top comments; he just randomly shouted, "Vivek you fuck!"


Vivek, he fought bravely and valiantly through over 100 specimens (including 4 Scrakes) on Killing Floor all by himself. He had the doubts of many in the stream, even Seamus himself had his suspicions on whether or not he would win. Vivek shook off these doubts of those around him and persevered.


He won.

He took down 3 Scrakes in the final clutch moment. He will forever be known as the guy who won in the stream, NegaChaos. He made the zombies take it up the ass, hard. He used doors multiple times to get +100 blocking to fire shots from the husks and used it to his advantage. He did what no one else in a stream before had been able to do: win. He went through every weapon his dead companions had and had to ask for help finding ammo, but in the end it helped him prevail. It all happened early in the morning, August 2, 2011 in Seamus' live stream , and thanks to him they won the 10th wave and then they all proceeded to destroy the patriarch.

He also Killed Kootra´s then-wife, Monica here in the 24 Hour Creature Livestream in MW3, where she states that she is "MLG like that."


Another Instance where the AA12 helped him kill the Scrakes.


  • Unlike Seamus, Vivek still plays Killing Floor and his time is now is 814 hours and counting.
  • Vivek has edited on this wiki.
  • He has been seen in other Creature's videos of the Minecraft server and in Seamus's Left 4 Dead 2 and Return to L4D2 series.
  • Vivek has used The AA12 which was originally Jason's (LazyCanuck ). It was one of the major factors that contributed to his victory, due to it killing the 4 Scrakes. Jason said that he was always there in spirit.

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