Kootra & Water Bottle

Water Bottle is a running gag between the Creatures and fans. It was jokingly made a Creature at RTX 2013. Water Bottle has now left the Creatures and joined CowChop.


The gag was planned for RTX 2013, after the announcement of Water Bottle becoming the next Creature, it continued as a joke in the Creature comments section, videos, and even fan-fics. It has even spawned its own "favorite Creature" shirt in the shirt store.

Following the CowChop launch it was unknown what would happen to Water Bottle considering his long history with Aleks but on a recent video it was shown that Water Bottle followed Aleksandr's thirst and joined him along with James on CowChop as seen here.


  • The original joke was a parody of the fact that Aleks was becoming a Creature, and that the fans demanded it. During the panel, they never officially made him a Creature, but added him into the group that night at dinner.
  • In the "Danz Misses Koots and Nova" Creature Short, Water Bottle is featured in the credits, along with "Farty, The Fart Spray".
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