Wendy the Squirrel was a squirrel that showed up in The Creature LiveScream of 2013, but was later revealed to have shown up prior.


She was only seen for a few minutes on the LiveScream, but she left a lasting impression on the Creatures, having Jordan doing a live nature documentary and a Wendy Cam dedicated to her.

On Creature Talk 84, when the Creatures were talking about who else would be good Creature mascots besides Carl and Coby, Sly proposed Wendy. It was also revealed that Wendy actually had been hanging around the Creature House a few weeks prior to the LiveScream and that Dan and Jordan saw a squirrel dead on the street after getting run over and eaten by birds a few days prior, assuming that the squirrel was Wendy and that she was most likely dead. They then ended the episode with a "prayer" as Sly, Jordan, Dan, and Aleks held hands as Dan recited a tribute.

The Creatures released a video commemorating Wendy and showing clips of their experiences with the squirrel in the weeks before her death. This video showed the footage of the first encounters the Creatures had with Wendy, that they had mentioned on Creature Talk.


  • A gag with the Creatures is that Wendy became known for her "hard black nipples".
  • The decomposing corpse of a squirrel was used as a hiding spot in the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt, with James hinting that it may indeed be Wendy's body.
  • James' use for the squirrel, however, was to feed it old stale peanuts.
  • Wendy became so well known in the Creature community that she earned a shirt in the Creature Shirt Store, fittingly named "#RIPWendy".

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Wendy's first appearance on there "LiveSCREAM" stream.


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