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WolfNoise (Tonie van Ruremonde, 11-23-1993) is a veteran member in Seamus's Killing Floor series. Early in the series he was known for being a solo Support Specialist having a tendency to run off away from the team and usually being the last one alive because of this. 


In the past, he's taken on the role of heavy support. Using his experience at the game and expertise with shotguns, he kills the Tier 2 specimens that other teammates can't stand up against. It is also speculated that his work with Seamus has given him +20 to Shotgun Rain making him an asset to any team.

He's also been in some of Seamus's L4D2 videos.

The ImposterEdit

During the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Event, a player using the tag 'wolfnoise' showed up in one of Seamus' games. It was revealed that this was an imposter. His identity was suspect due to his low Berserker rank and frequent deaths.

The imposter was revealed by Vivek_13 to the subscribers stating that it was odd that WolfNoise was offline, yet in the party as well. Further evidence was visible in the lack of capitalization in his username.

Vivek_13 also asked the real WolfNoise if he was playing with Seamus that night, to which WolfNoise responded no.

The exact identity of the imposter is only known by Wolfnoise.

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