• Ze had a picture of his face on the fridge in the kitchen of the Creature House. It was said during Creature Talk that the picture was enchanted, so that anything that anyone did to the picture would happen to Ze in real life. There never was a picture of Ze on the fridge at the second house, or the office.
  • It was revealed by the other Creatures that Ze designed Creatures Coby and Cody, as well as Craig, which was revealed on the 100th episode of Creature Talk.
  • Zefridge

    The Creature House fridge with Ze's picture.

    Ze enjoys Dragon Ball Z.
  • He is partly Scottish.
  • He is known to build complicated redstone machines in Minecraft.
  • Ze is a vegetarian according to an answer on Formspring.
  • Ze said Sp00n and himself are left handed, on his Formspring.
  • Ze has a sister.
  • Ze was the first Creature to do a series with Gassy after he was kicked out of the group, followed by Sp00n.
  • Ze has confirmed that he is agnostic on his Tumblr.
  • Ze is 5'9, which makes him and Seamus the shortest Creatures.
  • Having dual citizenship of Canada and the U.S., for a while Ze was the only Creature not to be a full U.S. citizen. This changed when Dex joined the group in July of 2014.
  • Ze was the youngest Creature until the addition of Kevin.
  • He was one of the first Creatures.
  • He is also a member of the Derp Crew along with ex-Creature, Chilled Chaos, and their friends GaLmHD and TehSmarty.
  • In his comment on a Reddit post he said that he has a condition called hemophilia which is the reason why he is currently not at the office.
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